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Lunawood is a Finnish company that not only sells products but also promotes values related to ecology and sustainable development. It is a pioneer in wood thermal modification technology, which allows for obtaining durable, aesthetic, and environmentally friendly building material.

Advantages of Lunawood Thermowood:

Ecological Production: Lunawood uses only steam and high temperature to modify the wood, eliminating the need for chemicals. This process is patented and known under the ThermoWood® brand.

Durability and Aesthetics: Thermowood is resistant to decay, dimensionally stable, and does not require regular painting. It stores CO₂, contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Versatility: Lunawood products are used in various climates, from harsh Scandinavia to desert regions, as confirmed by numerous awards and recognitions, such as Project Ö, Desert X, and Umani Hotel.

Popular Among Architects

Lunawood products are particularly favored by architects, contributing to a vast number of renowned projects utilizing Finnish thermowood, such as the award-winning Project Ö, Desert X, and Umani Hotel.

Global Recognition

Design awards (like Building of the Year) for projects from around the world show that thermowood performs well in any climate, from the harsh Scandinavian regions to sunny Arizona and desert Saudi Arabia.

Sustainability Awards

Thermowood has also won many product awards (e.g., Sustainable Product ArchitectureMasterPrize 2021, Green Good Design AWARD 2022, The Architect’s Newspaper Best of Products Awards 2023). It is free from heavy metals, harmful pesticides, and fully recyclable. It also does not require regular painting. Many award-winning projects feature patina, the natural gray color that wood acquires over time.


Form in harmony with function? Meet ThermoWood Triple Shadow Gap 32x140mm! A profile loved by architects and interior designers. It's a 32x140 three-dimensional panel developed in response to the growing popularity of slats. The thermowood slat facilitates installation and ensures perfectly even spacing. With Luna Triple, you can efficiently cover large surfaces or hide wall protrusions with slat covers that align with the strip.

Luna Triple was the winner in the "Sustainable Product" category at the ArchitectureMasterPrize 2021, one of the most prestigious awards in contemporary architecture and design.


Another revolutionary innovation. Aalto means wave in Finnish, and it perfectly fits. The profile evokes the impression of flowing water. The soft shapes of the panel beautifully harmonize with the grain and knots, creating an amazing 3D effect on the wall. The 32x140 profile is intended for both exterior and interior applications, allowing for quick and easy installation. With Aalto, everything flows smoothly.


Being green is a beautiful idea, but actions speak louder than words, right? Lunawood thinks the same. The company documents everything and publishes reports accessible to everyone. The raw material comes from European and renewable areas, and production takes place in Finland. The company's actions are reflected in their certificates: CE, UKCA, KOMO, TMT, and PEFC. They also boast the difficult-to-obtain Nordic Swan label and an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD).

Even in terms of wood fire protection, they are uncompromising. For example, in Denmark, their boards are impregnated with the 100% ecological Burnblock® agent. Although it is so non-toxic that you can drink it, it provides Lunawood boards with the desired fire protection class B-s1,d0.

The consistency of the Finnish brand commands respect. It is appreciated by people who want to build for the long term while respecting the natural environment. After all, what use is a beautiful building if you can't go outside because of the heat? If you are looking for something safe for the environment, it's hard to find a material manufactured as consciously, honestly, and transparently as Thermowood.

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The appearance and technical properties of Lunawood Thermowood are similar to Siberian larch. Both have small, round knots and a similar shade. However, there are some differences. As a result, the durability of thermowood has been classified as higher (class 2 according to EN ISO 350-2), while Siberian larch received the lower class 3. Why?

Although they look similar, thermowood is less prone to cracking and splitting than Siberian larch. This is due to the caramelization of the sugar in the wood. Dehydrated of water, sugar, and resin, the wood becomes resistant to rot, dimensionally stable, and free from sticky leaks. It can be used in humid environments, at the pool, and in the sauna. The estimated durability is 30 years, but many indications suggest it will last longer.