Cladding Detail Design

Cladding Detail Design


All done in a factory environment and controlled procedures...

Our team of experts specializes in providing detailed design advice for timber cladding projects. We understand the importance of proper fixings and the selection of appropriate boards to achieve a seamless and aesthetically pleasing finish. Here's how our design advisory service can assist you:


Corner Detail:

Our team will advise on the best approach for corner details, considering factors such as the architectural style, timber species, and desired aesthetic.

We will recommend suitable fixings and techniques to ensure a secure and visually appealing corner joint.


Door/Window Reveal:

We provide guidance on the design and implementation of door and window reveals in timber cladding.

Our team will recommend appropriate board sizes, fixings, and trim details to achieve a clean and well-finished reveal around doors and windows.

We take into account factors like water management, thermal expansion, and architectural considerations to ensure a functional and visually appealing solution.


Drip Board:

Our design advisory service covers the selection and installation of drip boards to effectively manage water runoff from the cladding.

We assist in choosing the appropriate materials, dimensions, and installation methods to ensure proper water drainage and protection of the underlying structure.

Our team considers the overall cladding design, environmental conditions, and building regulations to provide tailored recommendations.


By engaging our detailed design advisory service, you can benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience in timber cladding. We will collaborate closely with you, architects, and contractors to develop solutions that meet your specific project requirements. Our goal is to provide expert guidance on fixings, board types, and detailing to achieve optimal functionality, durability, and visual appeal.


Trust our team to advise on the correct fixings and types of boards for corner details, door/window reveals, drip boards, and other crucial elements of your timber cladding project. Together, we'll create a design that meets your vision while ensuring long-lasting performance and aesthetic satisfaction.

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