Factory Coatings

Factory Coatings


All done in a factory environment and controlled procedures...

Our factory coatings service offers a range of options to enhance the durability, UV resistance, and aesthetic appeal of your timber cladding. With our expertise and advanced facilities, we provide high-quality coatings, UV treatments, and staining that protect your timber cladding from the elements while preserving its natural beauty.




Coatings: We offer a variety of coatings specifically formulated for timber cladding. These coatings provide a protective layer that shields the wood from moisture, UV rays, and other environmental factors that can lead to decay, discoloration, and warping. Our coatings are designed to penetrate the timber's surface, forming a durable barrier that prolongs the lifespan of the cladding.


UV Treatment: Exposure to sunlight can cause timber cladding to fade and lose its original color. Our UV treatment options help minimize the effects of UV radiation, preventing color fading and preserving the vibrant appearance of the cladding. Our UV treatments are carefully selected to provide long-lasting protection against UV damage, ensuring that your timber cladding retains its beauty for years to come.


Staining: If you desire a specific color or finish for your timber cladding, our staining service offers a wide range of options. We use high-quality stains that are specifically formulated for timber, providing rich and consistent color penetration. Whether you prefer a natural wood look or a more dramatic finish, our staining service can customize the appearance of your timber cladding to suit your preferences and design requirements.


Weathered (Grey) Effect: Weathered cladding can be rejuvenated and protected with the application of SIOO:X or Owatrol H4. SIOO:X is a wood treatment solution that naturally weathers and grays the surface, giving it an attractive, silvery patina while protecting against rot and decay. Owatrol H4 is a penetrating wood protection treatment that provides long-lasting moisture resistance and speed up the process of natural weathering. Both products enhance the aesthetic appeal of the cladding and extend its lifespan, making it an ideal choice for maintenance free and preserving the beauty of weathered wood surfaces.


Our timber cladding factory coatings service combines

 expertise, advanced technology, and high-quality products to ensure that your timber cladding remains beautiful, protected, and resistant to the elements. Whether you need coatings for moisture protection, UV treatments for color preservation, or staining for aesthetic enhancement, our comprehensive service has you covered.


Choose our timber cladding factory coatings, UV treatment, and staining service to enhance the longevity and visual appeal of your timber cladding. Experience the benefits of our expert craftsmanship and reliable solutions for your project. 

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