Fire Redundant Treatment

Fire Redundant Treatment

Fire Rated Cladding

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Fully certefied Euroclass B (B-s1, d0) Timber cladding 

Euroclass B fire-rated cladding refers to a specific fire performance classification for construction materials, including timber cladding.


Here's what Euroclass B fire-rated cladding means:

Euroclass B: Euroclass B represents a "Limited Fire Spread" classification. Euroclass B is divided into two subclasses:


B-s1, d0: This subclass represents the highest level of fire performance within Euroclass B. The "B" indicates limited fire spread, "s1" indicates low smoke production, and "d0" indicates no droplets or flaming particles.


B-s2, d0: This subclass also indicates limited fire spread, but it may have slightly higher smoke production compared to B-s1, d0. "S2" indicates moderate smoke production, and "d0" indicates no droplets or flaming particles.


Fire-Rated Cladding: When a cladding material is Euroclass B fire-rated, it means that the material has been tested and assessed according to European fire testing standards, and it has demonstrated a certain level of fire resistance and limited contribution to the spread of flames. This can be important for building safety, especially in areas where fire safety regulations are stringent.


When considering Euroclass B fire-rated cladding for your project:


Consult local building codes and regulations to determine if Euroclass B is sufficient for your building's requirements.


Work with professionals familiar with fire safety standards and regulations in your region.


Make sure the cladding is properly installed according to manufacturer guidelines and any applicable regulations.


Remember that building codes and regulations can vary by country and region, so it's important to ensure that the chosen fire-rated cladding complies with local standards.

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