PFS+ C2 Stainless Steel Hard Wood Cladding Screws 200 pcs




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4.0x40mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX 15 bit)

4.0x45mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX 15 bit)

4.0x50mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX 15 bit)

4.0x60mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX 15 bit)

4.5x50mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

4.5x60mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

4.5x70mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

4.5x70mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

5.0x40mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

5.0x50mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

5.0x60mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)

5.0x70mm - £19.99 per box (200 piece + free TX20 bit)



Brand name:   PFS+

Box quantity:   200

Chapter:   Stainless steel

Material:   Stainless steel C2 (AISI 410)

Standard:  CE/EN 14592

Surface:   Passivated bright

Type:   Cladding screw - reduced head



1. Tropical hardwood screw with small head that sinks in wood, The deep imprint of the countersunk head ensures a stick-fit grip of the T-drive head

2. Head 60° with 4 ribs for self countersinking - The nibs under the head ensure a perfect finish into the woodwork

3.  Milling segment/ nibs on the shank to decrease wood tension and prevent splits (AISI 410)

4. The pitch of the screw is developed in such manner that the screw turns in quickly with a minimum of strength applied, ensuring high pull-out values. Tempered and waxed for smoother installation

5. Special cutting point type 17  ensures a swift installation in the woodwork and prevents splitting of the woodwork

6. Partial thread, hardened and passivated bright - Stainless steel AISI 410, hardened and waxed, Stainless steel A2 and A4;


Inteligent Fixing Solution

Stainless steel C2 Cladding hardwood screws with lubricant treatment  for better penetration into the wood which reduces the risk of breakage often seen with A4 stainless in exotic wood.
Screw developed by PFS+ screw.
Cladding blade screws with reduced head that remains very discreet on the surface of the board, 4 ribs under the head and sharp tip.
A4 stainless steel with partial thread with lubricant treatment.


PFS - Professional Fixing System  

pfs+ : "Professional Fixing Systems" is a professional range of woodscrews. 

The pfs+ screws have been the flagship of pgb-Europe for a long time. These professional wood screws unite all good aspects of other screws, complemented by performance improvements. The screws are packed in a solid carton box, with full-color label. The labels come with a CE mark and are conform the European standards. The electrolytically galvanized version is CrVI-free and is therefore RoHS-compliant



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