All done in a factory environment and controlled procedures

Our company offers a range of services to cater to your timber cladding needs. Below are the services we provide:


Fire Redundant Treatment:

- We specialize in applying fire-retardant treatments to timber cladding.

- Our treatments meet the necessary fire safety standards and it is fully certified  to  Euroclass B (BS1 or BS2 / UK class 0)

- By utilizing our service, you can ensure that your timber cladding has enhanced fire resistance while maintaining its quality and aesthetics.


Factory Coatings:

- Our factory coatings service provides protective layers for timber cladding.

- We offer a variety of coatings that shield the wood from moisture, UV rays, and environmental factors.

- These coatings extend the lifespan of the cladding, preventing decay, discoloration, and warping.



Burnt/ Charred Timber Cladding:

- Aesthetic Appeal: Charred timber cladding, or Shou Sugi Ban, offers a visually striking appearance with a charred and textured surface.

- Durability: The charring process enhances wood durability, making it more resistant to decay, pests, and weathering.

- Fire Resistance: The charring process contributes to natural fire resistance, enhancing safety in building design.

- Minimal Chemicals: Requires minimal chemical treatment, aligning with eco-friendly building practices.

- Longevity: Protective charring extends the wood's lifespan, reducing maintenance needs.


Cladding Detail Design:

- Our team of experts can assist you with cladding detail design.

- We work closely with architects, designers, and contractors to create custom cladding designs that meet your project requirements.

- Our focus is on functional and visually appealing designs that enhance the overall aesthetic of the building.


Supply & Install:

- We offer a comprehensive supply and installation service for timber cladding.

- Our team ensures a smooth process from sourcing high-quality timber to professional installation.

- We have the expertise to handle projects of various scales and complexities, providing reliable and efficient services.


With our combined services of fire redundant treatment, factory coatings, cladding detail design, and supply & install, we offer a holistic solution for your timber cladding needs. Whether you require fire safety compliance, protection against the elements, creative design solutions, or a seamless supply and installation process, our experienced team is ready to assist you. Trust us to deliver superior results that meet your expectations and contribute to the success of your project.

Fire Redundant Treatment
Effective and permanent fire retardant treatments for exterior cladding timbers to BS1 or BS2 (Euroclass B).
Factory Coatings
To ensure long life span of cladding boards - treatment is the key.
Save a lot of time by ordering pre-treated cladding boards.
Charred Timber Cladding available!
Cladding Detail Design
Our team will advise on a detailed design to ensure the correct fixings and type of boards are used for corner detail, door/window reveal, drip board etc.
Supply & Install
Our team of qualified carpenters will ensure a correct installation of cladding/ fencing to the top quality standards.